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About Us

"Garden of Eden believes children should have the opportunity to be educated in the least restrictive environment that values and promotes the special attributes of each child, our goal is to meet the individual needs of all learners" 

Silvia Eunice Guerrero, Founder

Founding Story 

Garden of Eden was founded by a mother and daughter who were looking for a placement for their son/grandson who required childcare with individualized supports. All the educational programs that Silvia explored did not accommodate her schedule as a NYC teacher, and they did not incorporate an inclusive and affordable learning environment, that allowed for related services and behavioral supports. 

Silvia Guerrero has always worked in schools with children of all abilities, as a child she was mentored by the founder of  well known charter school that currently serves grades 5th-12th. As a parent of 3 children who require additional supports, she has vast experience navigating supports, individualized educational plans, alternative placements, consultant work and related services. Silvia holds over 10 years working with all learners, across multiple learning environments. 

Maria Martinez, raised four children, 3 who received supports. She migrated from the Dominican Republic to seek wrap around supports for her oldest children. Maria holds a vast background in business, marketing and real estate. She is the mastermind, that keeps it all together.  She partnered with Silvia, her daughter to create a daycare that would meet the needs of children, who require an individualized learning approach like the one Garden of Eden provides

Our Mission


Garden of Eden Daycare provides a place in which children can expand their education and personal growth through educational lessons and encouraged self growth. Children are challenged and motivated to learn through the use of common core standards and the arts. Through play children are able to increase their cognitive, social, emotional and physical knowledge.

Garden of Eden is a childcare site that caters to children of all populations, including children who require support outside of those provided in the traditional classroom. We believe that all children can interact with one another despite the challenges they might face. As a result we pride ourselves in aligning our program to meet the needs of all children. 

We pride ourselves in having a play based curriculum that allows our children to learn about self while exploring the world around them. Through sensory based play, arts & crafts, literacy and movement children are able to increase their knowledge of the world around them.

We are able to support our families, with any additional necessary community or educational support We hold a  high sense of personal accountability for student success and look forward to meeting the needs of the urban classroom and diverse population. We have vast experience working with children of all areas including those who require additional supports

Meet Our Team

Our team is devoted to maximizing our students academic and social skill development, by providing all students with a nurturing environment to learn and grow

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at

Silvia Eunice Guerrero



Child Development Associate

B.A Spanish Language, Hispanic Literature & Culture

Global Studies Minor

Silvia Eunice Guerrero graduated from SUNY Old Westbury, where she earned a B.A. in Spanish Language, Hispanic Literature & Culture with a minor in Global Studies. Silvia is currently working on her Master of Science in Education at Capella University with a focus on Special Education Teaching. Silvia has over twelve years experience working with high-needs students in urban environments.

This includes working with English Language Learners and students with IEPs within the general education classroom to create differentiated tasks. Silvia’s personal interest in studying abroad in Spanish speaking countries has given her the language skills and cultural knowledge to reach students that struggle with academic success.

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 7_edited.jpg

Maria Eunice Martinez

Founder/On-Site Provider

Child Development Associate


Mayra Carrasco


Child Development Associate

Maria is Dominican native who grew up in the Dominican Republic. Her father Teofilo Martinez was a pastor who founded over 17 churches. Her mother was the matriarch of the household. Maria comes from a big household of 10 siblings, 4 sisters and 6 brothers. Maria studied law in the Dominican Republic. Maria came to the United States as many do with the hopes of finding the American Dream. She raised 3 boys, Silvio, Silvio and Jose and one daughter Silvia. Maria is a philanthropist at heart she finds joy in teaching what she’s knowledgeable in to others. Maria loves to work with children whom others consider “tough children” because as a mother she also had kids that others would label as that. Maria has completed various courses in childcare including courses for working with children with special needs. During her spare time you will find her enjoying life with her grandchildren, engaging in real estate ventures  and drinking a hot cup of bustelo. Garden of Eden Daycare is the vision of this lady and her passion for education, children and the importance of making a difference.

Mayra is a Dominican native, who arrived to the United States at Age 15. Mayra completed her Child Development Associate with Bilingual Childcare in 2022. Mayra is currently working on completing her Child Development Associate licensing credentials and completing her Registered  Behavior Technician training to work with children on the Spectrum. Mayra has first hand experience with navigating related services and the ELOF curriculum for the NYC 3K Program.  Mayra enjoys a hot coffee and tacos, her best days are spent in the company of her 4 year son Emil, who loves sensory play. She is an asset to our team, and we look forward to her continued growth as an educator. 

What Parents Say

My daughter’s been going to Garden of Eden for over a year. The staff is caring and the curriculum is awesome; she’s always so proud to show us the work she does there. I feel confident having my daughter here. Her language skills have improved since she started going to Garden of Eden. I am eternally grateful for the loving staff that work there. Would definitely recommend this place.

— Jacky Andujar

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