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Educational Toys
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If you are looking for adequate educational  services, Garden of Eden Daycare is the place for you. Children are encouraged to grow as individuals through the use of sensory play and group play. Our staff is highly motivated and dedicated to our students. We have many things to offer, contact us to schedule an appointment and take a look at our facility.

Our  Services


Educational Toys


0-12 Months

Our  program for infants is individualized to help each child's development with a focus on investigation and exploration. 

12-24 Months

Toddlers procure information through dynamic investigation. Our educators work with development by presenting structure as well as empowering autonomous interest.

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Art Class

3K Program

There are three 3-K seat types: Full Day, Extended Day and Year, and Head Start.

A 3-K program may offer one, two, or all three of these seat types. You can learn which programs offer which seat types in MySchools.

Different seat types have different eligibilities, so check to make sure you are applying to the seat type(s) you want and are likely eligible for.

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Boy Playing with Abacus

It tends to be trying for educators in the class setting to offer each student the individualized approach they need to succeed. Luckily, we provide ONE-ON-ONE academic support to our participants.Our staff can review material and return to provoking topics to fill in any holes in your youngster's information.

We also offer daily courses through out school to increase students exposure to extra curriculars

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Family Time

Evening Care

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Evening childcare facilities focus on youngsters left under their supervision short-term, outside average childcare hours.

We run these programs, so guardians can be calm realizing that their children are well taken care of. With evening childcare, you can pass on your children to sleepover at the middle, or you can select to pick them early morning hours, contingent upon your work.

As a matter of fact, evening care is a help for guardians who work unpredictable hours like for the time being shifts or early morning hours.

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Our program is intended to permit all kids no matter what their singular capacities with the valuable chance to partake in a customary summer program.


We integrate tactile investigation, trips, cooking, community, extraordinary guests, and other summer based exercises generally built around unambiguous topics focused on their individual scholarly abilities and social emotional growth.


  • Full day options available

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Levitating Books

Educational Consulting

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Summer Camp

As the CEO of S&S Educational Consultant, Silvia uses her expertise to facilitate the Special Education process, ensuring that each child gains the individualized support and guidance needed for them to excel as an individual both socio-emotionally and academically.


Silvia offers her clients deep insight into special education and the entire process, with this competitive advantage, her students and families have experienced success with individualized education plans, IFSPs and supports related to their individual needs.

This daycare is by far the best!! They really made my experience enrolling my daughter super easy, being a first time mom I was so nervous! They are so loving and truly care about the children they provide for. Plus the hours are great for people who work that 9-5. I feel at ease knowing my baby is happy and safe!

Rebecca S

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